Rihanna Hires All-Black Motorcycle Crew for Her Savage X Fenty Campaign

New Orleans’ Caramel Curves is an all-Black women’s cycling group founded by Nakosha “Coco” Smith and Shanika “Tru” Beatty in 2005. Their head-turning, pedal-to-the-metal attire has been in the spotlight for several years. The women wear strappy heels, jackets with rhinestones, custom T-shirts that boast phrases such as “anything but simple”, helmets with fuchsia mohawks, and rhinestone-encrusted jackets when they meet up on Sundays. The colors are bold: bright pinks, radiant highlighter yellows, and soaring nuclear greens. High-wattage glamour is abundant. Rihanna was captivated by this and cast them as models in the newest campaign of Savage X Fenty. Read more –

Rihanna sent an email saying that the Caramel Curves “show the world what being badass bosses is all about while bringing some sexiness along for it.” The women were photographed by Shaniqwa Jarvis around New Orleans in body-skimming lingerie–curve-hugging bodysuits, fishnet tights, embroidered bras, and opera gloves–alongside their prized accessory, their motorcycles. Smith, over Zoom, says that the motorcycles look great and she is proud of the style of her fellow riders. We are always glittering and blinking. We’re going to be wearing anything sequins or rhinestones.

Motorcycling is a male-dominated sport and activity. Caramel Curves women are trailblazers in this field. Their clothing goes one step further. “I didn’t want to shop for basic clothes, because I wasn’t dressed like that. Smith says that Smith wore sparkly, blingy clothes all the time. That was the beginning of the Caramel Curves’ trend to wear blingy, sparkly clothes all the time. This is how you should look when you arrive at the Caramel Curves. Wear heels, wear sexy clothes and be cute. It’s important to do it all. We don’t want our faces to be regular.

In the past, they’ve been criticized for their bold looks, particularly their heels. “Every time we post something, it will be, “The stupid girls who ride high heels. Who wears heels and doesn’t protect their feet? Thomas says, “Who doesn’t have proper gear?” Smith points out that women might wear heels on short trips around New Orleans but have more coverage for longer trips. These trips can be up to 100 miles. Smith says that they don’t want it to sound like “We blitzed and glammed the entire ride.” Safety is important to us. “Safety is important to us” The women insist that the heels have not affected how they ride and they take more precautions than their male counterparts. “We value our bodies. We want our skin to look good. Beatty says that we don’t want scars on our skin. “That causes us to be a bit more cautious too because I don’t wish to be bruised up,” Smith says. She has ridden in heels for 20 years and has never fallen. Smith says, “I’ve been wearing heels for over 20 years and I have never fallen.” “But I have seen a million men fall without heels, so wearing heels shouldn’t be a problem.” Perhaps they should try heels.

Smith was a fan of Bad Gal Ri and Smith had pieces from Savage X Fenty. Beatty says that Smith is already a Ri-fan so she has Savage underclothes, shoes, and shoes. “I’m a big fan now, but she was a huge fan before.” Rihanna, who is a long-time fan of reality TV shows, knew Smith when she first appeared on Bridezillas. “I made a short video to send Rihanna on the day we filmed [the campaign],” Smith says that the lady was curious and asked Smith if Rihanna knew Smith. “Was it a reality or something?” I replied, “Yeah, I was in Bridezillas!”

Although bold clothes are not something that Caramel Curves’ women wear often, passersby were quick to react while they were filming the campaign. They were confused and asked, “What is the matter?” Smith says that a bunch of women just passed in thongs on their bikes. Tierra “Choosy,” Thomas said, “Definitely a normal Curve Day!” Although there was more skin than usual the women looked great in their Savage X Fenty outfits. Smith says that it was obvious that the outfits were made for plus-sized women. It’s not easy to find lingerie that is comfortable on a plus-sized woman. They knew exactly where the material was needed and where it should be placed.

Caramel Curves women say Rihanna’s SavageXFenty couldn’t have been more in line with their confidence and attitudes. “I believe that we are different as females. Thomas says that we’re always striving to be different in everything we do. Smith agrees. “When this is out, I feel like many people will be like, “I’m not surprised that Rihanna chose the Caramel Curves because these girls stay fly.”

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