Guide For Finding Freelance Web Designers

The Best Places to Look for Freelance Developers & Designers.

#1 UpWork (previously Elance, oDesk).

The best job portal for all types of projects

Good for project based or hourly based projects
is an enormous online job portal that caters to all types of freelancers from personal assistants to designers to architects.

UpWork will give you a great chance to find help for any job that is available online.

Their system is very easy to use. You can easily navigate their portal in a matter of minutes to locate different functions such as where you can find active projects, how to fund your account or where to make payments.

UpWork has made many incremental improvements to their project management tools since we first used them. This is especially useful for larger projects that have a longer timeline.

We have all our discussions histories with our freelancers, as well as all documents and images we shared. This means that we don’t need to look through hundreds of emails trying to find a particular discussion from the past.

UpWork also offers a time tracking tool, which is a great tool for project management. UpWork has a variety of freelancers that work hourly on smaller projects. These freelancers log in to their UpWork accounts, activate the time tracker and monitor the time they spend on projects.

We can see visual confirmations from the system that the freelancers were actually working for our projects. This helps to keep them accountable and gives us peace of mind knowing that they weren’t charging us for work unrelated. This is a very useful tool!

The time tracking tool is only used by the new singapore website designer. After working with them several times and if they are good at quality work, we trust them enough that we will take their word about the time it took to complete each project.

Some freelancers insist on using the time-tracking tool. It eliminates all disputes about the time they log for their projects. This tool protects all involved in the project.

UpWork’s payment system is also a favorite of ours. You can set up multiple milestones to help you manage a larger project. The system will automatically release payments when each milestone is reached. You get to approve each milestone.

Pre-funding your account gives freelancers the assurance that they will be paid when the job is done correctly.

UpWork also offers skill testing tools, which is something that many paid job portals do not offer.

Freelancers have the option to take a standard test that tests technical skills such as grammar and coding skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. These tests will allow you to quickly benchmark the skills of each candidate, even if they don’t possess that skill.

You can, for example, screen freelancers who have scored more than 90% in HTML and CSS coding skills. This ensures that you hire qualified, skilled workers.

We like UpWork. It’s been used for both short-term and long-term projects. We use it for project management in some cases.

We’re less dependent on UpWork as we have become more proficient in our own coding design skills. UpWork is our first choice when we need to hire someone else.

Who should use UpWork

  • You are just starting out in managing and hiring freelancers online.
  • UpWork’s milestone payment and project management tools are great for larger projects that have a longer deadline.
  • You want to work with developers and designers with more accountability.
  • You can build a team and manage them all from one place.

#2 Fiverr

The best job portal for small projects and projects with a restricted budget

COST: Determine the price per job (most jobs start at $5)
Fiverr is a completely different way to hire freelancers.

You post a job, and then you wait for applications. To find the right person, you look through their experiences and portfolios.

Designers and developers can post jobs that they are interested in, including creating vintage logos, animated 2-minute commercials, and book covers creation. Freelancers who specialize in the job you want can be found.

This makes hiring for smaller projects much more efficient than traditional ways of finding candidates. Everything is clearly visible so there are no surprises.

You can simply choose the job that you want to be hired for (i.e. Create a cartoon figure and then browse the available designers. Each freelancer can be viewed by you to see their customer ratings, their backgrounds, the type of projects they can do, and how long it will take.

Pick from a pre-selected list of freelance jobs and place your order online, just like Amazon.

Who should use Fiverr

  • You can do small, one-off tasks.
  • If you are on a tight budget.
  • You don’t want to wait days for applications if you require the job to be completed quickly.
  • Anybody who wants more control and accountability while working with a developer or designer.

#3 99designs

The best job portal for graphic designers

COST: Have multiple designers submit their designs to you when you purchase a package. Choose your favourite one.

99designs is a marketplace where designers can bid on your graphic project.

Professional designers are available to design logos, apparel & merchandises and art & illustration. 99designs has designers who can design almost anything related to graphics.

This service has the best feature that multiple designers will design your project for you. You just need to choose one.

Only pay when you have found the graphic design that you like! You don’t have any obligation to buy any of the designs if you aren’t satisfied.

In this way, you have a small army of designers who work for you and you only pay what you need.

99designs offers Pro Services if you require design services on an ongoing basis. Imagine having an in-house manager to help you manage each design project. This allows you to spend more time on other aspects of your business.

Looking for design advice?

99designs gives you access to designers who can help you plan for your design projects. It’s like a friend who can offer tips on specific projects.

Who should use 99designs

  • You want to be more transparent when you hire a designer. You can choose from many designs, and only pay when you like the one.
  • You can have small and big design projects.
  • 99designs offers design advice to assist you in hiring a designer.
  • 99designs Pro is a great way to create a team and meet your design needs.

Honorable mention – Toptal

Hiring the best 3% of freelance talent
is a great way to find outstanding freelance talent that was not available previously to large companies.

We have never used Toptal before.

We recommend this job posting forum to entrepreneurs we admire. We found Toptal to be an interesting resource and decided to share it with our readers.

You’ve probably hired staff before and know that it is difficult to find good talent.

You can’t guarantee success even if you spend a lot of money to hire the best candidate for the job.

Here is where Toptal steps in.

Many job portals let any freelancer, regardless of their skill set or experience, to create a profile and begin receiving job offers. Toptal is different because they only accept the top 3 percent of freelancers to their site.

Toptal is a recruitment company that screens candidates and then sends you a shortlist. You can trust the quality of the people they will be hiring.

Toptal’s website is beautiful and used by many large corporations. We are intrigued by their services and what they offer.

Visit their website to see if they are right for you. Toptal is a great service! Please leave a comment below if you decide to give it a try. Your feedback is very important to us.

The best place to find specific website builders experts

Shopify Experts #4 (for eCommerce Websites)

COST : Project-based prices determined by Shopify experts (designers and marketers, developers, photographers, and others)

Shopify is, according to our opinion, one of the most popular hosted-ecommerce builders on the market.

These tools make it easy to create an online store.

If you’re looking to start your own ecommerce company, here’s our detailed Review of Shopify.

Shopify’s largest advantage is their large network of experts. While most people can build an online store using Shopify, it is possible to get additional assistance once your business grows. This could be to optimize your store or integrate more powerful tools into your online store.

Shopify will provide a list of pre-screened experts to help you hire once you have reached that point.

The biggest problem with hiring a developer or designer is not knowing if they are competent at their job.

Shopify addresses this issue by carefully screening every developer or designer that is listed on the Shopify Experts Marketplace. This ensures that the freelancers are experts in Shopify and meet Shopify’s highest quality standards.

What can Shopify Experts help you with?

  • Shopify Online Store
  • Create your Shopify online shop.
  • Shopify allows you to add new functionality or third-party eCommerce software.
  • Social media and SEO are two ways to market your product or service. They can help you build brand awareness.
  • Make images and photos that are unique for your eCommerce site.

#5 BigCommerce Experts (for eCommerce websites)

COST: Project-based prices determined by BigCommerce experts
also offers solid ecommerce building tools. is a solid ecommerce builder.

BigCommerce tools allow you to create professional ecommerce stores, similar to Shopify. You don’t need to hire a team of developers to set up your store.

It may be necessary to hire experts to assist you in integrating specific tools or optimizing your store.

BigCommerce offers a panel for experts to help you hire, just like Shopify.

What can BigCommerce’s specialists do for you?

  • Create your BigCommerce online shop.
  • Design a custom looking store.
  • We can help you integrate third-party software and apps.
  • Advertising experts to assist you in planning and executing paid advertising campaigns.
  • Social media and SEO are two ways to market your product or service. They can help you build brand awareness.
  • eCommerce consultants can help you create an eCommerce store that is more successful.

#6 Squarespace Specialists (for both eCommerce and non-eCommerce websites)

COST: Hourly or project-based prices determined by Squarespace developers

Squarespace is one the most popular drag and drop website builders on the market.

Many people love the look of their websites. The design templates they provide are stunning. You don’t even need to know any code.

You can view our review of Squarespace right here.

Most users don’t know that Squarespace can be customized because they offer a drag-and-drop website builder (no code required). Their panel (Squarespace Specialists) is not often mentioned.

What can Squarespace Specialists help you with?

Squarespace Website Setup

  • Squarespace allows you to design a website that is unique or make modifications to existing designs.
  • You can add functionality, integrate apps, and link up with third party software.
  • Talented photographers will take professional photos of your employees, products, and company.
  • Complete website design and building services to help you brand, build, and manage your Squarespace website.

Conclusion: It’s not difficult to find a good freelancer if you know where to look.

Design is not for everyone, but that’s okay.

Most people are able to see what a decent design looks and feel it when they see it. However, many have difficulty coming up with a good design or knowing how to make a website that works.

It is now easier than ever for freelance developers and designers to find work through amazing job portals such as 99designs, Fiverr, and UpWork.

It is a good idea to get a professional to help you with your website design and building. This will allow you to free up valuable time that you can use to grow your business or take care of other important things.

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