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LOL: 5 Reasons To Play It

Perhaps you have been thinking about a change and are looking for a different gaming experience. Maybe you are tired of bickering console wars, or exhausted by endless releases of Mt. Dew and Doritos. Perhaps you feel adventurous and all about “New” when it comes to gaming. If so, then we believe you should know that League of Legends is now in its fifth year of mainstream gaming.

League of Legends has been voted the world’s most played MOBA. With 67 million monthly players and 30 million daily players across its global servers, it is undisputedly the most loved game. You play as one of the 121 Champions, and race down your lanes to defeat the enemy base. Teams should send one player to each lane. One to the top, one to the middle, and two to the bottom. The fifth league tiers player will then take over the jungle which separates these lanes. Each lane will fight separately while getting assistance from their jungler, until it is time to fight 5 on 5. The game is based on World of Warcraft’s ideals, and there are many roles and characters that fulfill these roles. Which is your preferred play style? Do you play the role of a support or a medic to the champions who are easy to kill? Perhaps “No guts no glory” is your anthem, and you prefer to get up on your opponents with a Tank or Bruiser. League of Legends can be adapted to your style of gaming.

Here are five top reasons to start playing right away if you’re still not convinced.

Get new maps and visual updates!

After four years of minor updates, redraws of champions, and maps changes, Summoner’s Rift is finally being redesigned. This map is what recreational and professional players use. This is a 5v5 map that has the 3 traditional lanes and a jungle in between.

The Summoner’s Rift currently in use isn’t too bad, but it will not be able compare to the new, improved version that will be released after the current season ends.

Graphic design enthusiasts will find these teams are always available to answer questions and post works in progress on their blogs. This gives you an inside look at the new champions and maps.

League of Legends in America is an official Esport!

Esports is a small but growing community that supports a variety of games, from shooters to fighters to MOBAs like League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients. It is exactly what it sounds like. You can get a visa to the United States of America to work in the League of Legends and stay there for up to five year. Participation in teams is possible and you can receive scholarships at selected colleges across the US.

League of Legends is home to an exciting and vibrant Esports scene. It’s also known in America and Europe as LCS (or The League Championship Series). Each year is a season in which teams from different regions compete at the national level to earn spots for playoffs. These playoffs will allow them to qualify for group stages at Worlds. It is a massive sport that hosts huge events. Season 3 Finals of Worlds saw 32 million viewers. The best of five had a prize of 1 million dollars. Both casual and professional players enjoy these games at regular seasons and special events like Worlds and other international stages. Access to these videos has never been easier thanks to the rise of platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Azubu. This free content provides valuable and entertaining lessons for viewers on how to play the game more effectively. It also keeps their attention with nail-biting close games, neck-breaking speeds and crushing victories.

Season 4 is over!

League of Legends offers several game modes, with the mainstay being a five-versus-five cooperative layout. There are two game modes: a casual and a competitive. In each case, players are ranked according to the number of points they have earned or lost. These scores can be determined by wins or losses. Six tiers are available. The lowest tier Bronze holds most players. The highest tier Challenger is where the 200 best players from any region compete for number one. Many players will practice in the noncompetitive mode to keep their ranks from being hurt. This can sometimes lead to players getting upset by players who are more experienced. Pre-season and offseason ranked play are no longer available. Players will have to keep their achievements for the year. This means that there will be less tension among all players. As they are at each season’s end, gameplay changes are in the works. Players will be able to play the game as it is now. There is no need to re-learn the old gameplay methods as everything after Season 4 will be new.

There are many ways to play!

It may not be for everyone but if you’re like me, you love lore. It’s what you love in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and JimxDwight Office fanfics. Stories are what make gaming better. League of Legends is rich in in-game history. Each player has their own story. There are cities, towns and provinces with different economies and cultures. The champions of each faction, whether they are from the Demacia royal family or their warring sworn enemy Noxus have unique abilities and quotes that only affect one another. This makes the game even more fun. Each champion is unique in their abilities and lines, which reflect their lore and personality. This makes gameplay fun and sometimes hilarious.

There are three modes of play available, one for the standard map and two for the 3v3, single-lane 5v5 maps, and one for the 5v5 King of the Hill. Each mode has a different set of rules and items. There will occasionally be a fun game mode to any of the four maps, such as HEXAKILL. This mode allows each team to get an additional member or all for one, where everyone must play the same champion. These modes are a great break from normal mode grinding and can create some hilarious moments or epic fights. One of the most well-known modes is April Fool’s Day URF mode. URF stands to Ultra Rapid Fire mode, and it completely changes the rules. This mode allows champions to use their abilities unlimitedly, move faster across the map, and spam their attacks relentlessly, by receiving a special stat booster.

It made everything chaos, fun, and perfect. Riot, the company that developed League of Legends introduced this mode as a joke to celebrate the holiday. It was a hit with the community. They kept it for several more weeks because it was so popular. These are the kinds of additions that bring people together and create great memories.

Lastly, and most importantly, league has three methods of monitoring and enforcing game rules: Riot Staff and Reports. Riot monitors the game and punishes rude and abusive players, but most power rests with the players through reports and The Tribunal. A player can honor or report teammates or opponents after every game. League of Legends has a standard mute button, but you can make a difference by your praises and reports. These reports are sent to the Tribunal, which decides on punishment. The Tribunal is composed of regular players from all levels of experience. Although the details of punishments and trials are not disclosed, statistics about severity and amounts are made public. It is no surprise that since the Tribunal was established as an independent body for players, toxicity has decreased and praises have increased. You can always enjoy League in an entirely new way!

It’s free to play!

Not that iOS is free, but it’s actually free. You can download the game for free and play it immediately. It is supported by Esports involvement, micro-transactions in the game that allow players to purchase custom skins for their champions as well as certain in-game items. The best thing about League of Legends is its ability to make purchases without putting other players at disadvantage. Players with more money can’t buy DLC or exclusive content, so everyone has equal chances to be the best player they can. It is completely free to play but you will eventually want to buy cute stuff. It is impossible not to. Trust me.

DotA DotA is more like Don’tA Hearthstone It’s more like Barfstone. League of Legends will make you feel sexy, free and confident.

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