Using Phone Or PC To Download Games To Your PlayStation 4

PlayStation games are so popular that even their competitors copy their games, exclusive collection of games is what makes PlayStation 4 to be ahead of other game consoles.

It’s not denying that downloading games is the best way to go than buying hard copies or CD’s. Most PlayStation users know how to download PS4 games using the device, but majority of them don’t know how to download and add games to their PS4 using either PC or Smartphone.

Downloading games directly from PS4 consumes a lot of time especially if your internet speed is mediocre, it’s normal to spend hours before downloading a game that’s no more than 500MB.

Downloading your PlayStation 4 games remotely from your portable or mobile device is faster than waiting for hours using the game console. You just need to install the Sony PlayStation app or use your PC, let’s show you how to download PlayStation 4 games using your phone and PC.

How To Download PS4 Games With Smartphone Or PC

Preparing your PS4

Before anything else, you need to configure the right settings on your PS4, your console should be set in ‘Rest Mode’, this is the power saving mode of your console. Your consoles will connect to PlayStation servers, but is in energy saving state. In this state it’s able to download patches, and updates. By default, your console should be in the ‘Rest Mode’ but most users change the settings, so if you haven’t altered your settings and you’re the only one that’s using the console, you don’t need to change anything. To confirm your console is set on ‘Rest Mode’, go to settings, you’ll notice ‘Power save Settings’ in the menu, you now select ‘Set Features Available In Rest Mode’. Another thing is that make sure you check the option that says ‘Stay Connected To The Internet’.

Install PlayStation app

After configuring your settings, the next thing to do is download the Sony PlayStation app, it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. Visit your store and search for ‘Sony PlayStation’, the app will show and you need to follow the instructions to download and install the app on your device.

When you first open the app you’ll be prompted to sign into your PSN account (PlayStation Network account). Sign in with the same account details for your PlayStation 4 console, don’t use another account.

Downloading games from PSN store

Once you sign in, you’ll notice the PlayStation Store icon at the top left, tap on that and some of the popular games will be listed. There are free and paid ones, you should filter based on the ones you like. There is also the search bar to search for any game within the store, if you choose to download a game that’s not free, the billing information attached to your PSN account will be charged. For any game you choose to download, you should tap ‘Add to Cart’.

After checkout you’ll see the option ‘Download to your PS4’. This will automatically download the game to your console which is linked to your PSN account. You can cancel your download before the process finish, just tap on your account icon and then tap ‘Download queue’, tap on ‘X’ that’s next to the game title and the download will be canceled. These are so far the steps you need to follow if you want to download PS4 using your Smartphone, now we’ll move to share how to do it from your PC.

Downloading Games To Your Playstation 4 Using Your Browser

  • If you want to explore PSN store on a wider screen, then using your PC is the best. it’s not a lengthy process, all you need is your browser. Here are the steps to do that;
  • Open your browser and visit the PSN store from this link;
  • Just like in the case of the app, you’ll need to sign into your PSN account using the same login for your console, so click he Sign in button and enter your details to login.
  • Once logged in, you’ll have access to games from different categories, you can as well search by name.
  • Click on any game you want to download, and you’ll notice the option that says ‘Download to your PS4’ button. Remember that not all the games are free, you either subscribe to the PlayStation Plus membership that give you access to download even paid games for free, or you can pay with billing information linked to your PSN account. And thirdly, you can use PSN Cards, PlayStation gift cards are available online, you can send to your loved ones, they’re available in small and larger units, like $10 PSN cards, $20 PSN Cards, $50, $100. They’re available in different stores, so grab some to buy games and accessories from the PSN store.

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