Looking For The Perfect Bridal Hairdo: 17 Chic and Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair

That most-awaited date is nearing.

Have you decided on the perfect hairdo?

What? You cut your hair too short a few months ago and is still not long enough?

No worries! Having short hair does not mean that you won’t be able to rock a stunning and head-turning hairdo with long locks. And besides its the trend as of the moment.

When it comes to stunning bridal hair styles for short hair, know that there are so many options available from the romantic updos to the old Hollywood curls. Then you can just accessorize your hair with those intricate bridal pins, combs and more.

Looking good on these special days needn’t be worrisome and stressful. Just be able to talk with your designer and check some of the best options that you already pre liked in your mind.

Regardless of what hairstyle you want on your bid day, don’t forget to work with a professional hairstylist so you look your best.

Here are 17 chic and stunning bridal hair styles for short hair to rock as you say “I do”.

Low and Messy Bun

This hairdo looks amazing on rustic wedding gowns and accomplishes a much beautiful look with bridal hair flowers. If you are having a barnyard style wedding, this still is also a great option. Don’t forget the bobby pons and a light hair spray to hold those loose tresses together. And see your partner mesmerized with your beautiful look.

Deep Side Parting

Short or long, this hairstyle can work with any hair length, texture, and type. Depending on how your hairstylist style the rest of your loose locks, this hairdo offers a soft and romantic feel with a bit of edginess. This hairstyle will surely love by the crowd…

Pixie Cut + Flower Crowns


Flower crowns are not just for the brides with flowing, long locks. Short hair can also rock this beautiful headpiece. For a chic and simple wedding hairstyle, you can just place a beautiful crown of flowers on top of your pixie cut. And surely your groom will never take off his eyes of you.

Neat Hairdo with Headband

Like the previous hairdo, this one also offers simplicity with hair accessories such as strass or pearl headband that beautify and adds the much-needed charisma to your overall look. For bob-length hair, you can tie it partially at the back to give an elegant and modern look.

Casual Curly Updo

A casual and natural updo is one of the simplest bridal hairstyles for short hair. In order to achieve this look, you just need to tease the roots, twisting and pinning your hair. It may look simple, however, it offers an extraordinary look when partnered with a lace wedding dress featuring curved in V-neckline and metallic finish.

Brushed Back Bun

You might also want to rock a bun hairstyle if you want to be creative. In order to achieve a bushed back bun, just tease your roots, brush your hair back and gather sections loosely. Curl each one down and pin in place.

Twisted Updo

Similar to long hairdos, short-haired brides can also rock a twisted updo and add decorative hairpins to add texture. In order to make it look amazing, consider adding flowers or jewels.

Short-Side Braid

Fan of Princess Elsa? Well, you can rock a Princess Elsa look on your wedding day even with short hair. The short side braid can be simply done by combing your hair to the back and doing a loosely French braid it to the side then securing it in place.

Short Spiral Waves

With short spiral waves, curl your hair with a medium cask curling iron. Curl those tresses back and outward, then securing every section with a pin underneath and to the side. Then finish it with a spray.

Pixie Cut + Flower Headband


Who says you will need to have a complicated hairstyle at a wedding?

If you have a pixie cut, wear a full-on flower crown for your bridal hair. It offers a cute and chic look on your wedding day.

Half-down, Half-up + Bangs

Another great hairstyle for your big day is… A half-up, half down hairstyle makes a simple but elegant look. Add some bangs and you can sport a modern bridal look. In order to make it more stunning, do not forget to add flowers, barrettes, and other pretty hair accessories.

Bohemian Braided Bun

For hairs that are on shoulder level, you can rock a bohemian braided bun for your wedding day. It is a chic hairstyle that is not only suitable during weddings but also for casual occasions. This hairstyle gives you the simple but stunning look all around.

Crisscross Bridal Hairstyle

Another amazing hairstyle for should level lengths, you can weave your hair like a basket to create an intricate and stunning hairdo. Be sure to have a professional hairstylist do this, so you look best on your big day.

Messy French Roll

If you do not like tightly curled hairdo with strong sprays to keep them in place, try the messy French roll. With this hairstyle, you only need your finger to comb your hair in place, securing it with intricate bridal hairpins. You can then add accents of flowers and tropical leaves. Thanks to its tousled and manageable look, this hairstyle is getting popular.

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Curls

Who doesn’t love Marilyn Monroe’s curls? And if you are a huge fan, then you can prove it by rocking his casual hairdo on your wedding day. To achieve this look, all you need is a big hair roller and some sprays. Be sure to have a thicker type of hair btw as having a thin one would make it a bit harder to keep those curly look.

Short Bob Braid

If you have a short bob haircut, then this hairstyle is a great option for your wedding day. Let those wide locks rest along one side of your face. Then create neat braids on the other side. This hairstyle works best for mini bridal dresses as well as long flowing wedding gowns.

Middle Bun + Backcombed

If you wish to create a cute bun with your short locks then consider sporting a conventional middle bun. It provides an unblemished front bump that you will surely love. For this hairstyle, consider wearing a trendy lace wedding gown on your big day.

Final Thoughts

Looking good and stunningly beautiful for those camera captures on your special day is important. And working with a hairstylist that understands what the bride needs on this day are another.

Short-haired brides have tons of options for their hair look on their big day.

Whether you wish to look simple, chic or cute, there are lots of amazing bridal hairstyles that will fit and suit your needs. making your man have that flashing smile will surely happen when you try all the possible hairstyles we talked about here.

Now enjoy and have a great time!